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Reliable Denture Repair Services in Fort Saskatchewan

Are you facing issues with damaged dentures? Worry no more! Sherwood Park Denture Clinic offers immediate denture repair services in Fort Saskatchewan.


Wearing damaged dentures will not only feel unpleasant, but also affect your bite and the stability of your jaw. Many people put off getting dentures repaired because they worry they’ll have to go days without them. For your convenience, our team of specialists can fix your dentures while you wait. It’s just another way Sherwood Park Denture Clinic is here for you.


Denture repairs for both partial and complete dentures depend on the extent of the damage. If it is a case where the denture has broken into two pieces or if dentures are cracked in the middle, it takes up to two hours to repair it. If there is a missing tooth from a denture, it takes an hour to fix it.


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What Is the Process?


At Sherwood Park Denture Clinic, we have a standard procedure for repairing dentures. Our process is:

  1. We first assess the extent of damage and check for breakage or fractures.
  2.  We then carry out the process, either through soldering of metal wire or through taking a mould impression.

Our team is experienced and skilled in providing quick and efficient denture repair services in Fort Saskatchewan. Our state-of-the-art clinic has in-home denture service equipped with modern technology. You can rely on us and get your denture repaired in no time!


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For quality denture repair services in Fort Saskatchewan, contact Sherwood Park Denture Clinic today .



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