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Protect Your Teeth: Night Guards in Camrose

Do you wake up with headache or a sore jaw? Is your spouse or partner complaining about you making noises at night? You might have bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding. It’s a common issue, but it can also be very dangerous to the health of your natural teeth. Bruxism can exacerbate TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) and damage or even completely wear down your teeth. There are ways to reduce the amount of damage done which can be discussed with an experienced professional at Sherwood Park Denture Clinic. One method is prescribing the use of a night guard for our Edmonton patients which will limit the effects of teeth grinding.

Avoid Teeth Grinding at Night

At Sherwood Park Denture Clinic, we want to help protect your natural teeth so you don’t have to get dentures in the future. Using our custom-made night guards will help stabilize your mouth and comfortably create a barrier between your top teeth and your bottom. To learn more about our night guards or to book an appointment to create your custom-made night guard from our Edmonton clinic, please contact us today!

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