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A Trusted Name for Sports Guard in Fort Saskatchewan & Sherwood Park

While athletes know to wear protective gear on different parts of their body depending on the sport, it’s easy to forget that your teeth need to be protected as well, especially during high impact athletics. By incorporating the sport guard into your physical activities, you can protect your mouth from unnecessary damage. Sherwood Park Denture Clinic Ltd. is a trusted provider of night guards and sports guards in Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park and their surrounding areas. 


If you or your children engage in sports, consider a custom sports guard. While mouthguards are easily available commercially, they are not as efficient as one that is custom made to fit your tooth structure. At Sherwood Park Denture Clinic Ltd., our staff designs sports guards tailored specifically for your mouth. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!


Reasons Why You Need a Sports Guard    

Do you know that most dental injuries happen while playing some sport? The most common sports-related dental damages involve broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, injured cheeks or tongue and even broken jaws. Though dental injuries are generally linked with contact sports, other sports also contain some element of risk. A sports guard protects the teeth against potential chips, cracks, fractures, knock-out and damage, and is an important addition in every sports player’s life.


Why Choose Custom Sports Guards?

Though it is advised by dentists to wear mouthguards while playing any kind of sport, it is important to know that for a mouthguard to be effective, it must fit very well inside the mouth. This is critical because, during the impact, the cushioning effect of a well-fitted mouthguard can save your teeth from being knocked out. Custom-made mouthguards offer the highest level of protection and comfort without interrupting speech or breathing. A custom sports guard:

  • Protects your teeth
  • Lowers the risk of facial fractures or a concussion
  • Increases performance

When you visit Sherwood Park Denture Clinic Ltd. for getting a custom sports guard in  Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan, an impression of your smile will be taken, based on which the guard will be created.


Taking Care of Your Sports Guard

As an athlete who understands the importance of sports guards, it should be a matter of routine for you to take good care of your mouthguard. Here's what you can do:


  • Always use a soft toothbrush and medicated toothpaste to clean your mouthguard after use
  • Keep the mouthguard in a container that is perforated for air to pass in and clean the container with mild soap water every day
  • Ensure that your mouthguard is kept in fresh, clean mineral water which should be changed every 24 hours
  • The mouthguard must be kept away from heat as that may affect its shape, thereby making it ineffective
  • Get your mouthguard checked by your dentist every quarter, even when you have no issues with it

Which Sports Require Athletes to Wear Mouth Guards?

Injuries are common in impact sports like boxing, wrestling, football, ice hockey, soccer and field hockey, among others. Occasionally, athletes end up losing most of their incisors or the front set of teeth as a result of injuries from heavy collisions. Though such injuries are quite common in high-impact sports, it can also happen in other lesser impact sports like soccer and field hockey. Also, athletes in non-impact sports like cycling, track and field or gymnastics may suffer accidental falls that can often result in head impact when they hit the ground.


As a trusted provider of high-quality sports guards in Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan and we have helped many athletes safeguard their teeth from such accidental damages. For all of your sports guard needs, we welcome you to schedule a consultation today.



Do You Play High Contact Sports?

We can help you reduce the risk of sports-related dental injuries

with our custom sports guards.



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