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Dentures being made


Properly Fitting Dentures in Sherwood Park

If you are missing two or more teeth, a one-on-one consultation with our denturist can help you consider the best options for restoration. Dentures not only fill the unwanted gaps from missing teeth but also extend support to preserve the health of your remaining teeth. At Sherwood Park Denture Clinic Ltd., we provide the best-fit dentures in Sherwood Park and bring your perfect, confident smile back.


We offer a full spectrum of denture services and are continuously upgrading our equipment and keeping up with the latest techniques to serve you better. Our denturist and the team are passionate about bringing well-fitting dentures to all our clients. Connect with us for a one-on-one consultation.

Comprehensive Denture Services

As your source for dentures in Sherwood Park and surrounding areas, we custom-make a variety of dentures.

Have you lost a few or many of your natural teeth? Gain confidence by replacing missing teeth with complete and partial dentures. We have both cast and titanium denture options.

When it comes to optimum tooth replacement, many patients choose implant-supported dentures over regular dentures. Implants keep your dentures securely in place in your mouth.

Injury in sports is preventable with appropriate safety measures. We offer custom-fitted sport guards to help prevent teeth, mouth, and jaw injuries in all sports and athletic activities, at all levels.

The habit of clenching or grinding teeth in sleep is prevalent in both children and adults. Our custom-fit night guards are not only comfortable to wear but ensure optimum protection of your teeth.

Get personalized sleep apnea treatment and eliminate snoring. At Sherwood Park Denture Clinic Ltd, we welcome patients of all severity levels and help encourage quality sleep.

Call and ask us about the "Senior’s Benefit Program"

Feel Confident in Your Smile

Find quality complete and partial dentures near you at Sherwood Park Denture Clinic Ltd.

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